January 4, 2013


     My life would have been hell on earth without my friends. Yes, I'm exaggerating a bit but in a way, somehow, it's true. So for my ever dearest friends, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. :))


These are my ever kalog, pasaway but loving friends. Let's get to know each one of them. :)

I think I'll start with 

Engr. Cherry Vic I. Olaivar

     I've known this girl for almost half of my life. We were classmates back in high school but was with a different group of friends. So we weren't that close, not at all. We went to the same university, took the same course and well to my surprise, we became good friends. At present time, hmmm.. guess what? Yup, we're still together in our current jobs as a college instructor. (she's really hard to get rid off.. kidding! lol) I see her more than I see my boyfriend, she's not a very good substitute but beggars can't be choosers, right? hehe Just kidding. She can be uptight on a lot of things(her books especially) but she sure knows how to have fun(this girl can drink, if you know what I mean.. ;D ). 

     Next is my non-biological sister. My sister from another mother and father. My ate(though I'm older than her but she's taller so it's kinda alright to call her ate.. ooops.. I'm blabbering too much, aren't I?.. lol) But here she is

Miss Janice Felix

     I met her in my college freshman year. I don't really remember how we became close but hey as they say "birds of the same feather, flock together", right? So yeah, pretty girls like us eventually found each other.(ahahaha) Out of the seven of us, I guess we're the ones who you can easily point as the "girly" girls. We both like to dress up and often find ourselves liking the same kind of clothes. She transferred schools on our third year but still our bond never faded. She could be very "emo"tional. haha (check out her fb statuses) 

       Now, let me introduce the only thorn of all the roses. hahaha The gayest person I know! (she's not actually gay-gay, we just like to tease her. :P)

Miss Cyril Pisenable

     At first, I had a hard time recalling her surname. It was like a tongue twister for me, I don't know why. (I'm bad with names.. ehe) She and Nice were high school buddies so we automatically became friends.(I didn't really have a choice back then. haha I'm kidding. Not really. lol Joke!) She's the most optimistic person I know, she gives everything a benefit of a doubt. She's the artsy one in our group.

     The next girl I'm going to introduce had got people confused to be me and vice versa. We have the same body type and long black hair but she's taller than me. Meet my mommy...

Miss Stephanie Kaye Cando

     I love sharing knowing glances with her. The kind that when you see each other eye to eye, you'd know what the other is thinking without uttering a single word. Then give out a hearty laugh and have everyone around you wonder what you're so amused at. We think alike a lot, I think? hahaha She's the chill one, she doesn't worry easily. She looks sweet and innocent but... hahaha I'm just gonna shut up now.. lol

     If you like hanging out with someone crazy, then this girl  would be the best companion..

Miss Emily Nayal

     Actually, crazy is an understatement, I don't really know what else to describe our Mamang. She's the most energetic out of all of us. She gets along with everyone easily(she  has lots and lots of friends). The room never quiets down when she's around. And she also has the most guts out of all of us. Dare her to do something(as long as it's not entirely stupid) and she'll do it without thinking twice. She gets what she wants when she works hard for it. 

      Last but not the least, our supplier of anything Korean(she's a K-pop addict..), 

Miss Myrah Estelloso

     Myrah E! She's one hell of a bitch! haha No, just kidding! She's the most sensible one among us, I think. hahaha She has a very light personality, someone you could get a long with easily. She's very smart and clever, a true Ravenclaw. Oh yeah, all of us are and were part of a Harry Potter Clan. It's because of this girl right here, we were able to be part of that group. She's an amazing writer(blogger) and not a lot of people knows this but she could sing(she's got a great voice).

     These are the people who I'm really thankful for. I don't know what my life would have been if I haven't met these wonderful individuals. It sure wouldn't be complete.


January 2, 2013

Heart and I

After All lyrics

by Peter Cetera

Well here we are again

I guess it must be fate

We've tried it on our own

But deep inside we've known

We'd be back to set things straight

I still remember when

Your kiss was so brand new

Every memory repeats

Every step I take retreats

Every journey always brings me back to you


After all the stops and starts
We keep coming back to these two hearts
Two angels who've been rescued from the fall

After all that we've been through
It all comes down to me and you
I guess it's meant to be
Forever you and me
After all

When love is truly right
It lives from year to year
It changes as it goes
And on the way it grows
But it never disappears



Always just beyond my touch
You know I needed you so much
After all, what else is living for?


The perfect song for a not so perfect life with my man.
We've been through a lot of break ups and make ups but at the end of the day, we're still together. :)

Need I say more? 

I love you Heart! <3

October 31, 2012

silly girl..(in english- HOT girl) XP

Engr. Lovely Abigail Pogosa. 

Spell "Abi", she'd answer you "A-B-B-Y". Don't ever make a mistake of calling her "Lovely", worse "Love", or you'll experience her wrath. lol Just kidding (joke...) Yeah, I'm joking about kidding.. haha Peace!
My first encounter with Abby was while I was living in Cebu, during our review for the April 2012 ECE board exam. We used to sit in the same row and meet in Excel corridors but we never had the chance to talk or mingle. 
Well, not until last June 2012 when we both applied for the same job. Never would have I imagined that we'd be great friends. :))
Abby looked shy and innocent from afar, only from afar though. lol Kidding! :-P

Shy and innocent-looking..

But once you know her, she could be very loud and bubbly.

She can also be wacky and pretty at the same time. :))

And don't forget silly.. :))

I think I got a long with her instantly for the fact that she also loves to eat. But she has a habit of taking photos of the food before devouring it. hehe

But the most astonishing thing about Abby is that she can strike a pose anytime, anywhere. She's a real pro and I'm happy that she rubbed some of it on me(at the very least, i think?.. lol).

The most memorable thing about Abby though is how she could be a great friend to anyone (who's willing.. hehe).

Power Puff Gurlz....

And that's a wrap, there's still a lot more to Abby than meets the eye but it's tooooo many to mention. hehe
If you get to meet her, talk to her or know her, you're very lucky!
She's a keeper.. :))

I dedicate this post to you my dear Abby.. <3
Thank you for all the fun moments we shared..
We miss you..!!! <3 <3 <3
We wish you luck in your new chosen career. :))


October 29, 2012

Dahican escapade..

A few friends and I went to Mati, Davao Oriental last October 19, 2012 to visit our good, bubbly, harsh(this is an understatement, believe me.. haha) friend's(Abby's) hometown. She promised us a weekend of fun, fun, fun under the sun, since Mati is apparently known for there serene beaches. So anyway, on our second day, Abby brought us to Sunrise beach resort, then to Mayo Bay, and finally to Amihan in Dahican, where we spent the night.
But Mr. Sun was so shy that day and hid behind Mr. Rain. We were all soaked by the time we got to Dahican. But still, the place was breath taking despite the rain. And we still got to enjoy the beach and those big waves. :) On our third and last day, I woke up early to watch the sunrise, picked up my friend's camera and took some shots. 


Yes, that's a guy on his skim board. To my delight, some skim boarders woke up early to catch some waves and here they are as I caught them in action. :))


I really enjoyed my weekend in Mati(thank you Abby), I hope I could go back there real soon.
I hope you enjoyed the pics too! :))
'til next adventure! :))

(credits to Abby and Charlis for the cam I used.. hehe)